FILM: Happy Feet Two Review (*1/2)

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Film, Reviews

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The great thing about animated family films is they don’t feel the pressure to try to do too much. Adhering to the “keep it simple, stupid” adage, the classics from Disney and Dreamworks focus telling one story and telling that one story right. Happy Feet is not one of those films, erasing the cute wit and knock-out animation with a convoluted storyline with too many characters and not enough payoff.

Mumble the penguin (and Elijah Wood) is back for their sequel. But this time, he’s an unsure, flawed father whose son Erik has one problem: he doesn’t like to dance. After embarrassing himself, Erik runs away and meets a host of other characters. Mumble eventually finds Erik and takes him back home, only to find that their home trapped in a giant ravine created by a glacial collision.

The film would’e been wonderful if it was another coming-of-age movie about fathers and sons. There was a Finding Nemo feel to it with dancing and music, but Happy Feet 2 is spoiled by too many ingredients in the pot. There’s a penguin who can fly, two crustaceans with a rift in their bromance, a community of seals, and live-action humans who can riff Queen on a moment’s notice. Silly? Maybe. Superfluous? Certainly. Sometimes, you don’t need to use the entire cabinet of spices. Sometimes, all you need is a little salt.

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