FILM: The Dark Knight Rises New Photos

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Film
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Filming for the highly-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises wrapped up less than a week ago, which means Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan will be releasing photos and trailers and everything else to force us to practically beg for the film’s release (as if we weren’t already).

Up to this point, we’ve only seen a teaser trailer and three production photos. But Empire Magazine’s next issue will feature two new photos, each donning the cover in separate versions. In one, we see our favorite anti-hero as Christian Bale’s Batman sports a brand new laser-type gun. In the other, Tom Hardy’s Bane introduces himself to us full mask and vest and all. Aren’t we glad we can finally wipe Joel Schumacher’s rendition of Bane from our memory now? Well, some things can’t be unseen.

Note: Expect the new extended trailer for The Dark Knight Rises to accompany Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. 

  1. […] Like we reported last night, expect to hear a ton news from The Dark Knight Rises now that filming has concluded and the marketing campaign has begun. In an interview with Empire Magazine, director Christopher Nolan said the film will take place 8 years after The Dark Knight. That’s right, almost a decade after Batman disappears and the Joker was (most likely) sent to Arkham Asylum. It should make for some interesting timeline pieces (remember, this is the guy who directed Momento). […]

  2. kenny gilbert says:

    will a new trailer be shown before the new Sherlock Holmes movie since it’s a Warner film?

  3. mrsubjective says:

    That’s correct. And it’s actually not so much a trailer as it is a 7 minute prologue. It’s a fantastic marketing plan to get people who aren’t as interested in Sherlock Holmes to purchase a ticket.

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