TV: The Walking Dead 2.6 “Secrets” Review (**1/2)

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Reviews, Television
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For the past few weeks now, The Walking Dead has teased us with impending doom, brewing and boiling a pot till we reach an episode that will blow the lid off. Unfortunately, “Secrets” was not that episode. For now, our favorite (and not-so-favorite) characters are still stuck on the farm, entertaining viewers with subplots more than anything else. In some ways, I’m thankful for the slow buildup as things will sure explode in the mid-season finale next week. On the other hand, “Secrets” was another anti-climactic episode, wrapping up points of tension in easy, sweep-it-under-the-rug ways.

What are the “secrets” in question? To recap, Lori is pregnant (with who’s baby? idea). Lori had an affair with Shane. Shane killed Otis to save his own life. And o yea…Hershel’s barn is full of walkers. No biggie. In the span of one short episode, all these secrets were revealed in one way or another. Lesson here? Don’t tell Glenn anything.

The revelation of Lori’s pregnancy and her affair with Shane was the most anti-climactic. When she finally told Rick, he simply said “I know. Of course I know.” Remember, this is the subplot that has dominated the majority of Season 2 thus far. And the most we get is a knowing confirmation and the couple now staring into space. I hope they do more on this, but knowing Rick’s character…he’ll most likely let it go.

Meanwhile, Dale (who took over Glenn’s secret-carrying burden) emerged as the focal point for this episode. He confronted Hershel and Shane over their respective closet skeletons, and solidified himself as the man clinging to his morals. Dale and Shane, particularly, showed a nice dichotomy between two opposing forces…one driven by his ethics and one driven by his survival. The pot continued to boil here and may only be the prelude before the inevitable Rick-Shane confrontation.

The Walking Dead has made us wait and wait and wait. And now we have to trust and trust and trust. Next week’s “Pretty Much Dead Already” is a can’t-miss episode, and the rest of the season (which reboots in February) should carry enough momentum to make it the non-stop, exciting horror fest that we saw in Season 1. For now, it’s clear the show is finding its own identity post-Frank Darabont. Let’s just hope the stall ends next Sunday.


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