TV: Hell on Wheels 1.4 “Jamais Je Ne T’oublierai” Review (*1/2)

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Reviews, Television
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I’ll be honest — I don’t know how much longer I can stick with Hell on Wheels. The cinematography is beautiful, the costume design is perfect, its characters are beginning to take a multi-faceted shape, and there’s a definite sense of history. On a superficial level, it has all the makings of another hit show on AMC — almost having the same qualities as Mad Men. But every episode feels frustratingly dry, not really having the staying power of humor or intrigue to keep most viewers around.

In its latest episode, “Jamais Je Ne Toublierai,” Bohannon continues his search for Harper, the last man standing from his streak of revenge. Once again, he comes up empty and returns to his bottle of whiskey. Meanwhile, Elam gets all teenage-boy crushy with the local prostitute. For what reason? I’m not sure. These are your two main storyline, folks. And I don’t understand why. What happens when Bohannon eventually finds Harper and kills him? We know he will (there’s no tension in that), and then what? I don’t really care for his work as a foreman and whether the railroad will be completed in time. And I certainly don’t care for Elam’s budding romance.

Once again, I’m trusting AMC through another episode. It has all the makings of a great show on the surface, but if these plot lines continue to either be nonsensical or without a purpose, there are more things worth my time. Again, just like it looks and sounds like a winner doesn’t necessarily mean it is one. The episode’s title is directly translated into “I will never forget you.” Ironically, this show is getting quickly forgettable.


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