TV: Ringer 1.10 “That’s What You Get For Trying to Kill Me” Review (*)

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Reviews, Television
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I don’t know what the lovers of daytime soap operas are complaining about. The golden of age of the modern day soap isn’t dead; it’s only moved. And thanks to the CW, to prime time no less. One of the main features to soap slate is Ringer, the drama mystery that stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as twin sisters.

If you haven’t been following the show, there’s really no point reading this review. Ringer has gone through a dozens (literally, dozens) of twists and turns that could encapsulate 100 shows of any other series. But its creators are keen on keeping viewers on their feet, with a jaw-dropping “What?” right before a commercial break. Murders? Check. Pregnancies? Check. Infidelity? Check. What else is left?

In “That’s What You Get for Trying to Kill Me,” you not only let get another long (emo song-esque) episode title, you also get a plethora of twists. But could we expect any less for its fall season finale? At the center of the episode is the search for Gemma, who is now being held by Charlie, Siobhan’s hired gun/babysitter. But at the end of the day, Charlie kill her…or does he? Even though he shoots her at point blank range, she is alive and beating up Charlie out of nowhere. “How are you alive?” Charlie asks. And her response? “You have bad aim.” I laughed out loud at the sloppy writing, but they killed her off anyway. What was the point of bringing her back to life if only to kill her in three minutes? Apparently, to get a shock or a laugh from its viewers. It wouldn’t matter though, because Siobhan shows up in the U.S. and kills Charlie off anyway. I don’t think most people understand how ridiculous this show is until they sit and write down what exactly happened.

The subplots (SUBPLOTS!) of the episode include Agent Machado getting double-crossed by one of his own men, only he realized it all along, and Juliet is putting in a claim that Mr. Carpenter (our own Jason Dohring) raped her. Again, these were the subplots. This show can’t be more laugh-out-loud absurd. Or can it?

The final soliloquy is a voiceover given by Bridget in a split screen between the two sisters: “Something doesn’t add up. There has to be something more to this.” Really? Really?! Talk about sloppy writing and a farce of a narrative. Make no mistake about it. This is a terrible, terrible show. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy and Glee, it is the ultimate guilty pleasure as there are no viable redeeming qualities for the show. Well — one. It is a daytime soap opera, and you’re craving the kind of uncontrollable, unintentional laughter…tune it to the CW on Tuesday nights. Hey, I am.

  1. This was definitely one of the worst episodes the show has aired – everything with Gemma was poorly executed (including her!) and everything Juliet was absolutely terrible. Hope they get their mojo back in January, though as you mention the show has already gone through a dozen iterations so it could be completely different in a month’s time!

    Check out our recap of the pros and cons on here:

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