TV: New Girl 1.7 “Bells” Best Lines

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Television
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New Girl 1.7 “Bells” (**) — Jess and Winston team up to teach a few kids how to play bells. Meanwhile, Nick and Schmidt engage in a war over paying for things vs. fixing them. I love the chemistry between Nick and Schmidt, but I think it’s ironic that it’s the “new girl” Jess who really isn’t that funny to begin with. Quirky, cute, and someone I want to date? Yes. But funny? Not so much.

“Repeat after me. I’m not the Chinese kid from the Goonies.” — Schmidt

“I will not apologize again for the Midori Sour!” — Schmidt
“Who drinks Midori Sour!?!?” — Nick
“It’s a mellow liquor” — Schmidt
“I would never drink one” — Nick
“It’s American classic with Asian influences!” — Schmidt

“I put your couch and your freezer in your room. I didn’t want to get my poor on them.” — Nick

“These are the type of things that come out when you take another man’s conditioner.” — Schmidt

“Whoa, hold it. Nobody call me no tonkle.” — Winston


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