TV: Parks and Recreation 4.9 “The Trial of Leslie Knope” Best Lines

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Best Lines, Television
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Parks and Recreation 4.9 “The Trial of Leslie Knope (****) — After Leslie and Ben reveal their romantic relationship, they stand trial to defend their jobs and their behavior. It wasn’t the most hilarious episode in the show’s history, but it was certainly one of the more heartwarming ones. Honestly, is there a cuter couple on television right now than Leslie and Ben? Here are the best lines.

“His nickname was Old Stoneface because of his steely demeanor, and because he got into an accident at the rock quarry and dynamite blew up his face.” — Leslie

“Ron, Chris has fourteen witness. I need you to talk to all the department heads and find out who is going to testify.” — Leslie
“I don’t know the names of the other department heads.” — Ron

“When you sit back and let your reputation be destroyed, you go down in history as a frozen whore.” — Leslie

“Will you please describe what we were wearing the evening you saw us.” — Leslie
“Khakis and button-down shirts. Your basic white people clothes.” — Donna

“Ahhh…Eeeeee….Errrrr…Ahhh…..She’s here.” — Ron

“Can you take your glasses off please and read this for us?” — Leslie
“I could read this if I weren’t so blind.” — George
“Well that went terribly…I would like to request a 55-day recess.” — Leslie

“Grab a book and read up.” — Leslie
“Mine doesn’t have any pictures.” — Andy

“Bribing someone to hide a sexcapade? I’m proud to call you a friend.” — Tom

“Your actions wounded me to my core, which is not easy since most of my workouts are focused on core strengthening.” — Chris

“Actually, my real name is Gary.” — Jerry
“Jerry is better, I’m going to call you Jerry.” — Leslie

  1. notyouraveragesportsenthusiast says:

    Beavers did it! – April

  2. notyouraveragesportsenthusiast says:

    “If a woman is caught laughing in public than she is a with” -Tom

    “That’s true” -April

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