TV: The Office 8.9 “Mrs. California” Best Lines

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Best Lines, Television
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The Office 8.9 “Mrs. California” (***1/2) — Mrs. California comes looking for a job at the office, and Robert California gives Andy mixed signals on whether or not his wife should be hired. Maybe I’m just in a good mood today, but I found “Mrs. California” to be this season’s best episode. The jokes were fresh and they didn’t resort to awkward SNL-type moments. Maura Tierney is also a joy to watch, and it’s nice to know that she’ll probably be back in the future. Here are the best lines.

“Picture someone doing something heroic. Was he sitting or standing? Not counting FDR.” — Dwight

“That’s why my foundation — The Dream for a Wish Foundation — is going to put them out of business. They’re not going to know what hit them.” — Ryan

“I used to say I wanted to live long enough to see a black president. I didn’t realize how easy that would be. So now I want to live long enough to see a really, really gay president.” — Daryl

“Nice to meet you, Brian.” — Mrs. California
“It’s actually Ryan.” — Ryan
“O…Ryan” — Mrs. California
“…..Bitch….” — Ryan

(On sales) “It’s the second easiest job in the world….(looks at camera and winks) being a mom.” — Dwight

“This is not a gym. This is a scene out of Saw 5.” — Daryl

“I have these sneakers, which are basically a gym for your feet.” — Kelly

“I know how to build a business. You got to get the black people to do it to get the white people to do it. Then you got to get the black people to stop doing it. One step at a time.” — Dwight

“If you have a question, just raise your hand. But I’m going to save you some time and give you the answer now….I. DON’T. KNOW.” — Kevin

“I’m going to make you look like Lebron James.” — Dwight
“It’s Lejon Brames.” — Daryl
“That’s what I said.” — Dwight


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