TV: Happy Endings 2.9 “Grinches Be Crazy” Best Lines

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Best Lines, Television
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Happy Endings 2.9 “Grinches Be Crazy” (***) — Max agrees to dress up as Santa for a charity event, and Jane accidentally gives their trip money to the maid as a Christmas bonus. What an incredibly charming show this is, and “Grinches Be Crazy” is no exception. Here are the best lines.

“O no Jane! The temperature just dipped to 88 in Turks and 87 in Caicos. Should we still go? — Brad
“Uh oh.” — Jane
“Should we still go?” — Brad
“YEA!!!” — Brad and Jane

“Since tonight is the first night of kkkkkkkkkkHannukah, we have your kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkHannukah gift.” — Jane

“Really, you wanna play Santa? Cause you hate holidays and you hate kids.” — Penny
“Yea, but I love making extravagant promises that I don’t have to fulfill.” — Max

“Please don’t say vacay-cay, okay, kay?” — Brad

“You’re going with the coupon books again? It’s the gift that keeps on disappointing.” — Dave

“Lady, give me your purse.” — Mugger
“What? Lady. I’m thirty. That’s basically really late twenties.” — Penny

“Thanks Santa. I love you.” — Kid
“I love you too, you little freak Gingy.” — Max


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