TV: Community 3.10 “Regional Holiday Music” Best Lines

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Best Lines, Television
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Community 3.10 “Regional Holiday Music” (****) — The group is asked to fill in for the Glee Club in the coming Christmas Pageant. This was easily one of the show’s best episodes, and that’s not an easy feat. My favorite part of this episode was its obvious satire of that terrible show on Fox. Add that to pitch-perfect musical renditions that also matched our lead characters’ personalities, and you’ve got a perfect way to send off the show until a further time.

“What the hell are regionals? They’re always talking about them.” — Pierce

“And now our pop music mash-up. Elton Lil’ John Lennon!” — Glee Club Girls
“Hey Tiny Dancer! OKAY!!!” — Glee Club Guys

“And to think they were this close to regionals?” — Dean Pelton
“What the hell are regionals?” —  Pierce
“They’re this close, Pierce!” — Dean Pelton

“This guy is like human froyo.” — Troy

“I feel like we let Mr. Rad down.” — Annie
“He let himself down when he left the house this morning wearing a sweater vest.” — Jeff

“He is equal parts Hanson and Manson.” — Jeff

“How is your piano still playing this song?” — Abed

“Glee! I’ll understand every scene because they’ll sing what they mean instead of making a face.” — Abed

“Everything is cooler when cameras are spinning.” — Abed

“Hanging big ass lights. If the fat man can see me, yo it’s gotta look bright.” — Troy

“If years were seasons, this December would be the December of our December.” — Abed

“Pierce! They’re just trying to pander to your demographic’s well documented historical vanity. Resist!” — Annie

“Baby Boomer Santa! I’m an American Pearl!” — Pierce

“It hurts my little head when I’m lying in my bed with visions of little sugarplum socks?” — Annie
“Is this a bit?” — Jeff

“Boo bee doop bee doop boop SEX!” — Annie
“Look, eventually you hit a point of diminishing returns on the sexiness?” — Jeff
“What’s a diminuawaaaa?” — Annie

“We asked our public school to give the answer” — Children Choir
“They not going to tell you.” — Shirley
“But they could only teach us not to pray.” — Children Choir
“That’s what they do. That’s what they do.” — Shirley

“For a while there, I thought we were going to end this semester on a really dark note. I’m glad we’re singing and dancing together instead.” — Abed

“If we win regionals, then it’s straight on to sectionals. And then, a week later, it’s semis, then sei-regionals, then regional semis, then national lower zone semis!” — Mr. Rad

“Fa la la la la. Holla!” — Jeff

“And to think I trusted him enough to captain a magic carpet in that dream I had last night.” — Dean Pelton

:::Bells Acapella:::


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