TV: Parks and Recreation 4.10 “Citizen Knope” Best Lines

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Best Lines, Television
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Parks and Recreation 4.10 “Citizen Knope” (***) — Leslie becomes frustrated with her inability to effect any progress from within the parks department, so she spearheads a citizens group to work from the outside; the office staff debates what to get Leslie for Christmas. It’s a sweet fall finale and while this episode didn’t have as many laugh out loud witty lines as usual, it was still a miles above its competition on television.

“This is nasal spray. Give me the flash drive.” — Chris
“Give me the nasal spray.” — Leslie

“Certified Gold! Over 100 copies sold in Pawnee! I need a picture of me holding of this so I can frame it!” — Andy

“These are the Black Eyed Peas, and I finally killed them. This is a Christmas miracle.” April

“Well…calcuLATOR!” — Ben talking to an accountant

“I can you hear you breathing…and yes, you can finish her pasta.” — Ben
:::Andy and April bust out of the closet:::
“O God, so hungry!” — Andy

“What kind of chocolate am I? A double gooey caramel center? Am I filled with little rice krispies? Maybe I’m white chocolate and I’m bucking all the stereotypes?” —  Tom

“I made my desk out of silver M&Ms, but they do not make silver M&Ms, so I spray-painted them.” —  Donna
“Okay. Those are poisonous, so no one eat them.” — Ann
“Yea, duh!” — Andy
“Go throw up.” — Ann
:::Andy runs away:::

“The fact that Yahtzee is not in the rec center is a tragedy on par with human trafficking…….Slight exaggeration.” — Leslie

“As long as we’re at 15% or above, we’re still in the fight.”
“And we’re at 15%? We went back to 26%? 50%?
“We’re at 1.”
“100%!?” — Leslie

“I’m actually about to take a job doing inside accounting for an accounting firm.” — Ben
“I almost fell asleep during that sentence…So at this accounting firm, you would have the boring job.” — Jean-Ralphio

“It turns out I cannot make a gingerbread house, which would bother me if I were an eight-year old girl.” — Ron

“Andy Dwyer. Security, Sweets, Body Man, Javelin if need be.” — Andy


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