TV: Revenge 1.10 “Loyalty” Review (**1/2)

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Reviews, Television
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Revenge is honestly such a silly show, full of insane plot twists and brooding young pretty faces. But those insane plot twists are so insaely fun, and those brooding young pretty faces are so young and pretty. It knows what it does, and it does it well. Without going too far in its ridiculousness (aka Ringer), Revenge continues to build intrigue as it tickles us to its season finale.

The first scene of “Loyalty” is slice of how absurd this show is overall. Emily is training in martial arts with her Japanese mentor as if it was a scene from Kill Bill. We are to believe that in a few short years after her stint in prison, she has become a wealthy, ass-kicking, multilingual machine. Did she steal Bradley Cooper’s pills from Limitless? In any case, she uses her superpower spy techniques to find out that Tyler and Nolan are gay with each other, and uses this to her advantage. Meanwhile, she gives a “notebook” to Amanda so that she can connect better with Jack. Something is of course awry, and Emily is using her cunning ways to bring down her too enemies.

But her biggest challenge this episode? Her feelings. That’s right. The woman can handle learning several languages, beating up strangers in her front porch, and force dozens of “greedy” villains to jail without the police finding a trace of Emily Thorne. But she can’t get over her pesky female trait of falling in love of her primary target’s son. Really?!

Nevertheless, Revenge surpasses its own ridiculous with smart writing, teasing us and pulling us along for the ride till we find out what happens next. We’re unfortunately dragged along for the ride, whether we like it or not, with us asking questions along the way. Who is her next target? How will she get rid of Amanda? How will she get rid of Tyler? Will her alliance with Noah last? And yes, even…will she fall deeper in love with Daniel?


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