TV: The League 3.10 “The Light of Genesis” Best Lines

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Best Lines, Television
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The League 3.10 “The Light of Genesis” (***1/2) –Kevin begins to suspect that his KravMaga instructor is interested in him. Meanwhile, Ruxin joins a cult for the latest fantasy advice.

“There’s no blowjobs.” — Kevin
“That’s KravMaga. I’ve taken that before. You do all that stuff and then they blow you in the bathroom.” — Taco
“No no. There’s no blowjobs.” — Kevin
“Man, you’re not doing KravMaga.” — Taco

“It’s sex with someone else. It has nothing to do with Jenny.” — Taco

“Or you can just wear T-necks” — Andre
“O, you mean foreskin for your neck.” — Ruxin

“You’re offering me bacon for my running back?” — Kevin

“It’s called bedside manner.” — Andre
“Yea. Bedside. Not in my bed.” — Jenny

“What person that we all know was in a very unusual place?” — Andre
“Ooo, I know. Andre in a woman’s vagina.” — Ruxin

“What’s with all this cult shit? You look like a guy who gets beat up by the Mormons.” — Kevin

“You’re joining a cult to get fantasy fantasy information?” — Pete
“O Pete. cult is such a pejorative term like ‘creep’ or ‘Andre’. Nay.” — Ruxin

“Pinky love!” — Pete
“I’ll just finger myself, thank you.” — Taco

“There are enough ties here to keep NeckFlix in business for years!” — Taco

“How did Neckflix begin? I had a dream. I visualized it. And I stole a bunch of ties from a church.” — Taco

“Wallet and car keys now!” — Mugger
“How are you supposed to drive two cars?” — Kevin


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