FILM: New Spiderman/Dark Knight Posters

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Film
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Two of the more anticipated films of the 2012 released posters this past weekend to bolster the already high traffic of rumors, chatters, and excitement. The Dark Knight Rises put out a rather ominous poster with Bane walking away from a “broken” Batman mask amid the line “The Legend Ends.” As we all have speculated, Christopher Nolan will more than likely include Bane’s signature moment — when he break’s Batman’s back. But will Nolan have enough cajones to actually kill of Batman? Nolan has said the film will definitively end the series and moviegoers will receive closure. Whatever that means remains to be seen, but at least we can bank on Bane not being the caricature he was in Batman and Robin.

Meanwhile, The Amazing Spider-man also released a poster that doesn’t show much of what we don’t already know. Andrew Garfield is seen scaling the walls, casting a spiderman shadow. It’s pretty neat and well-done, but we’re still waiting for the first look inside the film’s villain, The Lizard.


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