TV: The League 3.11 “The Guest Bomb” Best Lines

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Best Lines, Television
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The League 3.11 “The Guest Bomb” (***1/2) — As the league finishes up its semi-finals, Pete’s new girlfriend begins to show interest in his fantasy lineup and the results are suspect. This show is so random and funny and crude and fantastic. Watch it now.

“I’m going to take each one of your pre-existing holes and fill it with your seed and then invite my infant son to go potty inside of you like you’re a rest stop bathroom. I’m going to take my hand, stick it inside of you and open it like a baseball mitt.” — Ruxin
“So you know why you’re here in HR?” — HR representative

“You actually have a Hotmail account, the official email of foreigners and poor people.” — Pete

“How did time go?” — Kevin
“It was…kind of rapey.” — Gavin
“Were you the raper or the rapee?” — Kevin
“I was the rapee, actually.” — Gavin
“How were the pickup basketball games.” — Kevin

“I got a carrier’s permit if you must know.” — Kevin
“So that you can Plax-identally shoot yourself in your own house?” — Pete
“Is that a gun? Toss it here!” — Taco

“That was my guest bong!” — Taco
“What’s a guest bong?” — Kevin
“Were you raised by wolves?” — Taco

“Next time you want to stick something in me, text me.” — Andre

“Did you just get high?” — Jenny
“I’ll give you a hint. Yes.” — Taco

“Whoa, you just grabbed the computer! This is like fifth base for me.” — Pete

“Call me…Transporter.” — Andre
“Or call him…Transgender.” — Ruxin

“I’ll take a lady’s load, but I prefer a man’s load.” — Andre

“You killed Christmas.” — HR representative
“No. Your son’s acting killed Christmas.” — Ruxin

“No, it didn’t explode in her vag. Nothing explodes in your vag! She meant bag!” — Kevin


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