TV: Happy Endings 2.10 “The Shrink, The Dare, Her Date and Her Brother” Best Lines

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Happy Endings 2.10 “The Shrink, The Dare, Her Date and Her Brother” (***) — Dave has a surprising reaction when his shrink starts dating Penny. Brad and Alex struggle to have one-on-one time together till they find a common hobby. Max and Jane fight over a sweater.

“New rom com opening tonight.” — Max
“I bet it’s got some super vague title that tells nothing about the movie.” — Penny
“That’s the way it’s got to be.” — Max
“Really? Do they have to be so stupid and predictable?” — Dave
“No that’s the title of the movie. ‘That’s the way it’s got to be’.” — Max

“Get back here, you gay.” — Jane

“Really? I get stuck with the check again? What’s the point of having white friends.” — Brad

“Make fun of me. Have at.” — Dave
“No, haha, Dave. We’re going to make fun of you for saying ‘have at’.” — Max

“How do you think Jane would feel about wearing Highways to Jeans?” — Max
“I think she would have to be high and wasted.” — Brad

“Are hip hop and rap the same thing?” — Alex

“Am I the only one who thinks Rick Rickmann as a name is insane?” — Dave
“Well, it’s a lot better than Dick Dickamnn.” — Alex

“Shouldn’t you be at work?” — Brad
“Yea, but people don’t really come to my score between 5 and 7, and sometimes between 10 and 5.” — Alex

“You look like Jamiroquai before Labor Day.” — Jane
“You look like Carol Brady right before she was arrested for molesting Bobby.” — Dave

“Where’s the fire?” — Firefighters
“Right here, boys” — Jane
“Jane, I thought we would say in ‘in our pants’.” — Dave
“The fire…is in our pants.” — Dave to firefighters

“Why are you putting air quotes on platonic and leaving and man?” — Penny


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