TV: Suburgatory 2.10 “Driving Miss Dalia” Best Lines

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Suburgatory 2.10 “Driving Miss Dalia” (**) — Tessa gets her driver’s license and Dalia hires her to drive her around to stalk her crush, Scott Strauss. George decides to join the local country club, putting a rift in his friendship with Noah. The show started with such promise in its writing and originality, but the TV-version of Mean Girls has quickly become a collage of stereotypical city girl vs. spoiled suburban girl. Laughter comes by once in a long while, and this is one show that’s quickly in danger of losing interest from me and several viewers, I’m sure.

“These Chatswin test administrators are T-U-F-F.” — Dallas
“They don’t let you hit anything.” — Dalia

“Drive or die trying. Maybe that’s bad advice.” — Dallas

“I’m just making a collage of me and Scott Strauss and…Lil’ Wayne for my locker.” — Dalia

“Tessa, you remind me of Tyler Perry right now. You’re joking, but you’re not funny.” — Dalia


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