TV: 30 Rock 6.1 “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” Best Lines

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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30 Rock 6.1 “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” (***1/2) — Liz has a new outlook on life; Kenneth takes the day off to await the Rapture. I didn’t realize how much I missed this show till now. This show is comedy gold, spitting out original lines of wit one after the other. A nice welcome back for one of the best comedies on TV.

“Jason, have you ever put a cigar on Gilbert Gottfried’s neck? Because I have and his screams were the worst thing I’ve ever heard…until tonight. Congratulations, you were a disgrace!” — Jenna

“You got into a shoving match with your aunt on who gets to put the star on top of the tree.” — Jack
“It was my year. What? Just because you have  lupus, it lets you just cut the line?” — Liz

“They weren’t sweaters, Jack. They were Dickies!” — Liz

“You really think this is your last day on earth?” — Pete
“I’ll leave the thinking to other religions.” — Kenneth

“I made the People Magazine crossword. One across. Five letters. Jenna Maroney’s first name.” — Jenna

“When you Google Jenna Maroney now, I come up first. Not the Jenna Maroney who electrocuted all those horses.” — Jenna
“Jenna, that was you.” — Liz

“This week, America’s kids sing really old songs that everyone knows and NBC doesn’t have to pay for it.” — Jack

“This thing is a real cash cow. Unlike ‘Cash Cow,’ the failed NBC spinoff of ‘Cash Cab.'” — Jack

“Kenneth, we were just out on the plaza and four flaming horses rode by.” — Toofer
“Reverend Gary says super gay horses are one of the signs of the Apocalypse.” — Kenneth

“Your’e laughing at rectum jokes. You’re leaving early. Did we switch brains? Why am I not feeling your boobs?!” — Tracy

“Maybe we can make more money by pretending to be nice. I mean, look at Betty White.” — Jack

“Whoever you are, show me Jack’s penis.” — Jenna

“Tracy, how do nice people dress?” — Jenna
“Socks on the hand, no belt, roller skates.” — Tracy

“Steal her mail. Go through her trash. That’s what Paul and I do to maintain intimacy when he’s having his period.” — Jenna

“You think I don’t know that it’s not working? Next week, Jay-Z was supposed to do a duet with the spinning chair from The Voice, and the chair just pulled out!” — Jack

“I only have room in my brain for one problem, so I’m not really absorbing what you’re saying.” — Tracy

“Mommy.” — Lydie
“Did you say money? Is that your first word? Money?” — Jack
“Mommy.” — Lydie
“Yes! Money! Are you telling me that money is more important than doing what’s right? That I should keep doing the show?
“I want mommy.” — Lydie
“I want money too!” — Jack

“Liz Lemon is a crack whore!” — Tracy
“Probably not, but continue.” — Jack

“O gosh! So much grapevining!” — Tracy


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