TV: Suburgatory 1.11 “Out in the Burbs” Best Lines

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Suburgatory 1.11 “Out in the Burbs” (*1/2) — Tessa is asked to guide Josh Sherman, the new guy in school, believing that he is gay. George begins to re-evaluate his relationship with Dallas. And on another note, this will likely be my last episode with Suburgatory. It’s not necessarily a bad show, just a forgettable one staunched in lazy stereotypes.

“There hasn’t been a single day that I’ve been here that something hasn’t broken down or needed painting or coking or weathered stripping or resurfacing.” — George
“Sounds like my wife…just kidding. Jill looks great…for a woman in her 40s…I’m just joking. I married too young…STOP ME!” — Noah

“Dallas! What a coincidence.” — George
“Not really, I followed you here.” — Dallas

“The quarterback? He’s the most masculine guy in school.” — Lisa
“Gay.” — Tessa
“Not gay. He’s just a tender soul.” — Lisa
“Clay Aiken gay.” — Tessa
“Lisa, he’s openly gay. He’s as gay as Josh….who is gay.” — Lisa

“Shoes and purses? How shallow do you think I am? I’m selling paperweights.” — Dallas



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