TV: Up All Night 1.12 “New Year’s Eve” Best Lines

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Up All Night 1.12 “New Year’s Eve” (***) — During Reagan and Chris’s first New Year’s Eve game night, Reagan’s competitiveness comes out causing Chris to become embarrassed. Meanwhile, Missy brings an unexpected date along to the party and, Kevin starts to feel as though Ava may be ashamed of him. (This was easily the funniest episode of the year)

“I had a revelation. If you can’t drink on New Year’s Eve…it really sucks!” — Raegan

“I’d give anything to wear a cape and have people like it.” — Missy

“I worry sometimes that I can’t live up to her.” — Kevin
“Don’t do that to yourself. You can’t! Who could?” — Missy

“I met him on JDate” — Missy
“I didn’t know you were a J.” — Ava
“Well I’m more of a Roman C, but I do love a J.” — Missy

“Holy Abercrombie & Fitch!” — Ava

“I’m from London.” — Isaac
“London town. Yea yea yea, you’ve got doubledecker bus and the channel!” — Chris
” Okay baby, you don’t have to fill up every awkward silence.” — Raegan

“I also made jello shots. I’ve got regular ones and virgin ones for people who just like jello.” — Raegan

“I think she wants me to be more of a baller. Is that the word?” — Kevin

“O my god! What is wrong with you, Ringo?” — Raegan

“Every time I google myself, which is quite often…” — Ava


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