TV: 30 Rock 6.2 “Idiots Are People Two!” Best Lines

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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30 Rock 6.2 “Idiots Are People Two!” (***) — Liz must do damage control after Tracy Jordan pulls a Tracy Morgan and offends the gay population. Jack will not approve of Liz’s new boyfriend.

“What could go wrong?…Why would I even say that?” — Kenneth

“There’s a whole other hand where that came from, big boy! Not my best.” — Liz

“They [gay people] make the Japanese look like the Greeks.” — Liz

“Remember when I offended stubborn people? That took forever to sort out.” — Tracy

“Is it a stupid name like Dakota or Barack?” — Jack

“Criss is trying to…” — Liz
“You can stop right there.” — Jack
“He’s an entrepreneur. He is meeting with investors in the hopes of starting an organic gourmet hot dog truck.” — Liz

“Kenneth. Do this for me, someone I hope you consider a friend. And who in return thinks of you as sort of an albino slave monkey.” — Jenna
“You think of me?” — Kenneth

“Picking a lock is like riding a bike. They’re both skills you need to escape the Atlanta Falcon equipment room.” — Jenna

“I like how his voice goes up at the ends of sentences. That’s very…masculine?” — Jack

“That’s right. I’m an idiot. Surprised? Fro all intensive purposes.” — Denise Richards

“We will be out here everyday mis-remembering movie quotes, because as Braveheart said ‘You can’t take our freedom unless you take our lives!” — Tracy

“Promise. With two Ss.” — Jack

“Jiminy Cricket! Walt Disney copyright 1940!” — Kenneth

“Imagine what the Internet would do with this. ‘Maroney found in closet with unconscious married man and inbred virgin.’ Again?!” — Jenna

“If you got it in cash, we can spread the money out on the bed and kiss on top of it, but nothing more. And I have a cold sore.” — Liz


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