TV: Up All Night 1.13 “Rivals” Best Lines

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Up All Night 1.13 “Rivals” (**) — Raegan is jealous of one of Chris’s new friends. Meanwhile, a rival steals show ideas from Ava.

“You just did sleepy jerk. You just came out of a sleepy jerk.” — Chris

“What is the belt that would allow me to catch a fly with chopsticks?” — Ava

“What if my finger accidentally brushed against the button?” — Laura
“God, your finger is so close.” — Chris

“Wait, those two are doing it? That’s crazy. I didn’t know that. That’s so surprising.” — Chris

“Talking? You rather them be boning.” — Ava

“I cried more during the [Friday Night Lights] finale than at our wedding.” — Raegan

“We could toss a football around…this is why I didn’t have sex in high school. I never caught the signals.” — Chris
“Let’s go have the sex.” — Raegan


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