TV: Archer 3.4 “The Man From Jupiter” Best Lines

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Archer 3.4 “The Man From Jupiter” (***) — A Cuban hit squad tries to assassinate Archer. But he’s too preocuppied with the man his mother is now dating — Burt Reynolds.

“I have to wait till my friend comes back from the powder room.” — Girl at the bar
“Obviously, we’re going to wait for her. She’s the hot one.” — Archer

“Operation CIA. That’s movie basically why i became a secret agent in the first place.” — Sterling Archer
“Really? That movie was just god awful.” — Burt Reynolds

“We were meeting for drinks! I mean, obviously, sex was implied.” — Malory Archer

“I’m just sitting here with a mustache and memories of last night.” — Burt Reynolds

“I swear to God. You could drown a toddler in my panties right now.” — Pam

“Regards? It wasn’t even warmest?” — Malory Archer

“Why are you torturing her like that? — Pam
“Why are you asking rhetorical questions?” — Cheryl

“Yea! Head and ass!” — Cyril

“This is the world’s slowest van!” — Lana
“It’s all this handicapped shit!” —  Doctor Krieger

“That’s not your car, is it? I didn’t know they sold that to men.” — Burt Reynolds

“I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over my giant, throbbing erection.” — Sterling Archer

“My pants are now literally wet.” — Sterling Archer

“I plan on seeing a lot of her. And by a lot of her, I mean…” — Burt Reynolds
“I get it!” — Sterling Archer

“Leave me for a 20-year old? I’ll show him. I’ll find him a 10-year old.” — Malory Archer

“And I for one am going to watch Hooper, and masturbate till my fingers bleed.” — Pam
“Just tape them up.”  — Cheryl


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