TV: Top 10 Episodes (January 16 — January 22)

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Television
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I watch a lot of television. And here are my favorite ones of this past week.

10. Unsupervised — This new animated series from FX is as expected, raunchy and not safe for work. But with the lovable leads (voiced by Justin Long and David Hornsby), this is like Superbad with Beavis/Butthead graphics.

9. How I Met Your Mother — This show gives us the run-around over and over again. This episode was no different. But we can’t break up with them. Why not? We’ve fallen in love too hard for its characters. Well, not Ted. He’s still an asshole.

8. Archer — I didn’t realize how much I missed Archer until it re-entered my life with its Season 3 premiere. Burt Reynolds guest stars in this week’s episode. And honestly, there hasn’t been a better match. Of course he’s been Archer’s role model growing up. Of course.

7. Happy Endings — This may be one of the best shows that no one is watching and not enough people are talking about. Happy Endings is incredibly charming. And with all the talk of How I Met Your Mother being this decade’s Friends, we’ve found a much more apt replacement.

6. Grey’s Anatomy — First, the bad. Adele Webber needs to stop showing up randomly, infecting her crazy to these episodes. There is absolutely no point to her character except to remind us that “o yeah, Chief Webber has a tough time at home”. Who cares? She’s annoying. But the great. The aftermath of the Teddy-Christina-Owen-Henry has the potential to carry this show straight through to the finale.

5. The Office — Believe it or not, the most popular comedy is starting to regain its traction. In this week’s “Pool Party,” the show is starting to hits a nice niche of a popcorn-style collaborative makeup of comedy. Almost every character got a great line to further their character development. O yeah, and it was actually funny this week.

4. New Girl — The greatest part of New Girl is how cute and adorable and charming and lovable all these main characters are. Everyone wants to hang out with Jess and Nick and Winston and Schmidt. O, especially Schmidt. I’m smitten. Most of us are too.

3. 30 Rock — O how I missed you. The show has layer upon layer of comedic gold. From inside jokes like Tracy Morgan’s and Jordan’s off-season racist remarks to a wonderful James Marsden cameo, it’s hard to find any fault in 30 Rock.

2. Parks and Recreation — Ron Swanson was again incredible here. Crush for male viewers? Check. Rob Lowe was also here. Crush for female viewers? Check. And Paul Rudd guest starred. Everyone’s head exploded.

1. Modern Familiy — This show is perfection. But you already knew that.

***I am desperately, desperately trying to catch up on some other shows that would probably be in the running for the top 10 — Justified/Parenthood/The Good Wife/Shameless/Californication/Southland

***There are several shows that are no longer on my DVR. Why? Because they suck and you should give up on them as well. Here’s a sampling of what’s NOT on my radar — Reality Television/Glee/Once Upon a Time/Revenge/A Gifted Man/2 Broke Girls/Two and a Half Men/Rob/Private Practice/Whitney. 

***If you have a must-see episode for me to watch, drop me a line.


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