TV: 30 Rock 6.4 “The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell” Best Lines

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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30 Rock 6.4 “The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell” (***) — Liz and Jenna break up from their friendships only to realize they need each other more than ever. Meanwhile, Jack considers ending the page program.

:::Martin Luther King Day Trailer:::

“The greatest power of all? The ability to gestate life?” — Liz
“Of course, Lemon. That’s why the President is always a new mom.” — Jack

“He always scratches the part of my back I can’t reach. Unless…that’s the business. Now who’s the boss, winter dryness?” — Liz

“You just bought Kareem Abdul Jabaar’s bones and he’s not even dead.” — Dot Com

“If PETA doesn’t love you or hate you, then you’re a nobody. Like a soldier or a teacher.” — Jenna

“With my fecalist in jail, I can eat whatever I want.” — Jenna

“If you get four [bloomin’ onions], you get a T-shirt. So if we eat one more, you get two T-shirts.” — Liz

“The bad news is I’m shutting down the page program. The good news is for a different group of people.” — Jack

“The back of your neck does look weird.” — Liz
“Why would you say that? You know I can’t see it.” — Jenna

“Of course I didn’t forget our businessversary. I sent you a gift.” — Jack
“O yea? Was it invisible?!” — Hank

“Someone is to blame and I will find him or most likely, her.” — Jack

“I’d like to bite his finger.” — Charlie from Charlie bit my finger

“Shut up! That’s horrible!” — Liz to Sex & the City girls

“Quiet! Mankind is trying to tweet about these clowns in Congress.” — Mankind

“They say people who kill themselves never regret it.” — Tracy

“I need someone who doesn’t listen to a word I say.” — Liz
“Thanks! I just got it cut.” — Jenna

“I was wrong. I do need you.” — Jack
“You had me at ‘I was wrong. I do need.'” — Kenneth

“Dump, sir! Dump all over me!” — Kenneth

“Blame it on an albino! Classic because it works!” — Hank


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