TV: Unsupervised 1.2 “Rich Girl” Best Lines

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Unsupervised 1.2 “Rich Girl” (**1/2) — The boys try to solve their money problems by getting a rich guy for Gary’s mom.

“Why is everybody watching them shows? They’re just a bunch of fake-tittied white women dressed up throwing birthday parties for each other fighting over somebody bringing the wrong kind of shrimp.” — Darius

“I ain’t addicted to no damn food. The Jenkins are big people. We can’t help this shit.” — Darius

“Nurture your freaking body with sunshine instead of polluting your body with chemicals, you freaking idiot!” — Joel
“Okay, Joel! It’s cool. I got it.” — Gary
“It’s just that when people don’t love sunshine, I get freaked out, man. It gives love to everything, you know.” — Joel

“They say divorces mutilates children’s emotions.” — Gary
“I know. I hate my life.” — Allie

“This bathroom’s huge! It’s got two sinks!” — Gary
“This fridge has got a robot inside of it. It makes its own ice!” — Joel

“I brush my teeth with milk sometimes to get vitamins. But they still hurt.” — Joel

“What do you think? This is New York City? Broadway Avenue with hot babies all over the place? It’s not easy.” — Martin

“Moms caught me watching one of them NC-17 joints, right? Took away my TV privileges for a month. What am I supposed to do now? This is why I’m turning to drugs.” — Darius

“Have you been chewing rope?” — Dr. Clark

“I took a bunch of nighttime headache medicine.” — Carol
“Why would you do that?” — Gary
“I don’t know. We ran out of daytime.” — Carol

“That doesn’t look like your dad. That mouth looks like an asshole.” — Carol
“Well I’m not a very good artist.” — Gary

“Your hair looks like George Washington’s. It’s out of control!” — Gary

“I will go downtown and never come up.” — Martin


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