FILM: God Bless America — Red Band Trailer

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Film, Trailers
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Bobcat Goldthwait is probably best known for his crazed character in the Police Academy series, but in recent years, he’s focused his talents behind the camera. And as someone who has only watched his 2009 dark comedy World’s Greatest Dad starring Robin Williams, I have to say he’s got a surprising amount of talent. World’s Greatest Dad was easily one of the better films a few years ago, using a mix of shocking humor and coming-of-age life lessons. And by the looks of this trailer for his latest film, God Bless America, that trend will continue. The film stars Joel Murray as a man who gets diagnosed with brain cancer and goes on a killing spree on that Kardashian-MTV-Chelsea Handler bloc of America…you know the ones that we all jokingly say should die? It’s an incredibly interesting premise and has the potential to be a surprise hit in independent circles. God Bless America opens May 11.


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