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Cougar Town 3.3 “Lover’s Touch” (**) — Jules is deep into wedding planning mode until Travis is in an accident.

“We should just eat caveman style. No dishes to clean.” — Travis
“Get the shades.” — Jules

“I would totally date a guy with no feet. It would just be one less gross thing for me to deal with.” — Laurie

“Ellie, I saw Andy’s feet. I’m so sorry.” — Laurie
“No one understands.” — Ellie

“We’re going to go crazy on our wedding night, won’t we?” — Grayson
“Oh yeah. Maybe. I get really tired at weddings.” — Jules

“Hey Tom. It’s sweet you came, but why don’t you leave the medical stuff to the doctors?” — Ellie
“I am a doctor. I’m the head neurosurgeon here. Come on, you didn’t know I was a doctor?” — Tom

“Back in college, I was a sucker for an injury. If a guy had a scar or a missing finger, it just did stuff. I miss being a ho.” — Ellie
“You want back in? Cause we’ll take you back.” — Laurie

“It doesn’t seem like you’ve been paying a lot of attention to me lately.” — Grayson
“Sweetie, let me turn down the volume of my son’s heart monitor so I can focus on you better.” — Jules

“That’s just stupid. That’s like saying all blondes are dumb.” — Laurie
“But that’s…” — Ellie
“Shh. Same team.” — Laurie

“Okay, you realize I can’t un-see that, right?” — Travis

“I don’t even have kids.” — Laurie
“You probably do. One could’ve dropped out while you were shanking around town.” — Ellie

“You want a kiss?” — Jules
“Oh yeah! Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t care.” — Grayson

“Why do older women keep doing that to me?” — Travis

“Rest in peace!” — Travis
“I’m so excited to die.” — Jules

“As soon as you give your heart from someone, they just pull away. It’s like I learned nothing from Katherine Heigl movies.” — Grayson

“T. Gazillion? Who the hell is that?” — Jules

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Everyone wants a piece of the pie in the Ridley Scott’s The Counselor. After already casting MrSubjective man-crush Michael Fassbender (Shame, X-Men: First Class) in the lead role, big name actors are lining up for the role of the villain. Early reports include Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men), Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker), and even Brad Pitt. (Deadline)

A nice profile in one the more underrated up-and-coming actors in Hollywood — the terrific Tom Hardy. (Obsessed With Film)

There was the Hollywood, Guy Ritchie re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr. Then there was the critically acclaimed British series. And now there’s the American version of that series. And here’s the twist. Lucy Liu will be playing Watson…Joan Watson. (Deadline)

The writers of last year’s surprise comedic hit Horrible Bosses have been tapped to direct a reboot of the popular Chevy Chase Vacation movies. (The Hollywood Reporter)

James Spader expected exit the Office, would join Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson as possible candidates for this year’s graduating class of the popular NBC comedy (Pajiba)

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How I Met Your Mother 7.18 “Karma” (***) — Barney tries to get Quinn to date him even after learning of her profession. Robin visits Marshall and Lily in Long Island after moving out of Ted’s apartment.

“Why do I have to be so sensitive?” — Ted at the strip club

“You don’t hear me prattling on about how beautiful her smile is, how her hair is like a waterfall of honey-colored silk, how her eyes are like the warn South Sea kissed by the fire and gold of sunrise. I don’t even know what she looks like.” — Barney

“When did I become such a gooey romantic?” — Barney at the strip club

“You shouldn’t have come to East Meadow, Long Island, Robin if you didn’t want to be entertained.” — Marshall

“Great bowler, that Shirley. She hit 280 the other day.” — Lily
“Unfortunately, that was on her bathroom scale.” — Marshall

“Just for that, you’re not getting any.” — Ted
“I’m not getting any? You’re the one smoking your own meat. Ho!” — Robin

“Quinn is someone i might want to get serious with, not just pretend to be a judge help her four year old clinch Little Miss Biloxi. Tiffany’s mom really wanted that tiara.” — Barney

“I’m sorry. I don’t date customers.” — Quinn
“What about destiny?” — Barney
“I hear she’s over at the Melon Patch now.” — Quinn

“We have a lot in common. Both of our jobs are mainly financed by drunk Asian businessmen.” — Barney

“It is Day 4 on this island, which the natives have dubbed Long Island, perhaps referencing how each hour here feels like it may never end.” — Robin

“I like smoking meat, but now I’ve got a new passion: wood.” — Ted
“You hear these things that come out of your mouth, right?” — Robin

“Maybe we’ll have our date here…in the champagne room.” — Quinn to another customer
“That was our spot.” — Barney

“This place wouldn’t seem so bad if we got one of our friends to move out here.” — Lily
“Aw guys….aw. I would rather set myself on fire.” — Robin

“Do you have time to sit with me?” — Quinn
“I don’t know. You’re wearing my watch.” — Barney

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When we were watching the early Judd Apatow movies, who knew that many of them would wind up as legit, respectable, Oscar-nominated actors. Here are two of them — James Franco, Jonah Hill — who will team up in the Brad Pitt produced True Story (Deadline)

I know, I know. The one thing we’ve been all waiting for is another Sylvester Stallone movie. But sorry to disappoint. For unclear reasons (studio says there are too many movies out that weekend), Warner Brothers has pulled Bullet to the Head from the April 12th weekend. (TwitchFilm)

The Robocop remake has taken a lot of twists and turns. From Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) being attached to direct to Russell Crowe taking the starring role, its fans have been thrown and tossed in every which direction. Now, it looks like they’ve found a new potential leading man — Joel Kinnaman. (Hollywood Reporter)