TV: Archer 3.6 “The Limited” Best Lines

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Archer 3.6 “The Limited” (***) — The ISIS assists Canadian authorities as they transport an infamous terrorist.

“George!” — Malory (to a black guy)
“Don’t call him that.” — Lana
“My name actually is George.” — George
“What?” — Malory & Lana

“I thought we were leaving at 6am tomorrow. Ergo, Latin. Plenty of time to sleep it off.” — Archer

“Who is this? Please tell me he is a renowned chicken and waffles chef. Because I am starving.” — Archer

“Do you even still get hangovers?” — Lana
“Normally, no. But I drank two gallons of mamma wannas this afternoon. I was playing dominos with a Dominican bike gang. Or was it mah jong.” — Archer

“I’m looking for a terrorist and an ocelot. Not necessarily in that order.” — Archer

“Uh crazy Tunts.” — Train conductor

“They just killed the black guy. I know, right? Only in America.” — Kenny

“At worst, I’m an elitist. But not racist.” — Malory

“They still guard the border.” — Lana
“But we’re still American.” — Archer

“We’re all mounties. So no need for a Mexican standoff.” — Royal Canadian Mounted Police

“Please tell me that’s a smoke grenade.” — Lana
“Okay……………………………………It’s not though.” — Archer

“Everybody okay?” — Archer
“Yea, paralyzed. But okay.” — Ray

“And I thought I was mad before.” — Archer
“Why? Did you see a black woman sitting at the front of the bus?” — Kenny

“Au revoir, sweet manwhores of Montreal.” — Ray

“It was just sarcasm. Yes, all of it. You fox-eared asshole!” — Archer

  1. Tim says:

    Can someone please explain the joke “My name is actually George.”

    • WatcherX says:

      Must be an old American racist joke.

      • Tim says:

        So since originally posting MY question re: the “George” joke, I have discovered it’s meaning…George Pullman was an American inventor who invented the Pullman sleeping car, and black railway attendants were called “Georges” in addition to or in place of “boys” by railway passengers.

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