TV: Parks and Recreation 4.14 “Operation Ann” Best Lines

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Parks and Recreation 4.14 “Operation Ann” (****) — Seeing Ann alone on Valentine’s Day, Leslie quickly makes it her mission to find a man for her best friend. Meanwhile, Leslie sends Ben on a wild scavenger hunt with the help of Ron.

“You replaced him [Joseph Stalin]. Not in terms of genocide. In terms of being on this earth.” — Leslie

“I have several men in rotation. One is waiting for me in the car. Don’t worry. I rolled down the window.” — Donna

“It’s really hard to say Congrats without sound sarcastic. Seriously, I hope you guys are really happy…DAMMIT!” — Ann

“Thank you all for being here. Let’s get started. Sorry. I was talking to these ribs.” — Ron

“Does Ann have any Indian in her?” — Tom
“No one respond. No one say anything.” — Leslie
“I don’t think she does.” — Jerry
“Would she like some?” — Tom

“Millicent Gergich has literally torn my heart from my body and replaced it with a thick slab of sadness. I may never smile again.” — Chris

“This is a publicly funded couples dance. I don’t think  it’s appropriate for people to be getting wet with sound.” — Chris

“Do you try ‘fuck’? — Ron
“Why is that everyone’s first suggestion?” — Ben
“Just smart people.” — Andy

“Don’t let me sadness diminish your night. Anyway, your life is fleeting.” — Chris

“What about a wedding where you used to go out with the groom and you’re the only one there without a date so the bride makes you dance to Single Ladies by yourself?” — Leslie
“O my God. Did that happen to you?” — Ann
“Maybe.” — Leslie

“Can we change the music? It kind of sounds like the end of a movie where the monk kills himself.” — Tom
“It is.” — Chris

“Nobody here compares to Millicent. Except maybe Jerry.” — Chris
“Stop staring at Jerry like that.” — Tom

“It’s Valentine’s Day. And I’m working the night shift at the snow globe museum. So I’m right where I want to be.” — Kevin

“You didn’t tell me your friend was so beautiful. Not as beautiful as my sister, but you know the law.” — Jeff

“I’m Harris. I hear you’re desperate for a man piece.” — Harris

“I got lucky.” — Ron
“And I LOVE riddles.” Ron, off camera

“You love Italian men?” — Ben
“Not as much as…Irish-Scottish? White. Whatever you are.” — Leslie

“Consider this alternate plan. We have drinks here, get to know each other, whatever. Then, we go back to my place and snuggle up like little bunnies!” — Tom

“I do want that. Please do that for me.” — Ron (if you watch anything from this episode, please watch this final scene).

  1. “You love Italian men?” — Ben
    “Not as much as…Irish-Scottish? White. Whatever you are.” — Leslie

    My fave.

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