TV: How I Met Your Mother 7.15 “The Burning Beekeeper” Best Lines

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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How I Met Your Mother 7.15 “The Burning Beekeeper” (*1/2) — Marshall and Lily throw a housewarming party, but things soon go awry. This episode was a cute, little play on time and space…but it ultimately failed for me. I left an “aww” line at the end for good measure, though.

“I believe it was Sun Tzu who said ‘Never give up. Never surrender’.” — Ted
“Shut up, Ted.” — Lily
“Okay.” — Ted

“For God’s sake, Lily. You’re pregnant.” — Barney
:::chugs his wine:::
“For God’s sake, Ted. Lily’s pregnant.” — Barney
:::chugs his wine:::

“I love my penis, Robin. I do. I love it. If I could kiss it, I would. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lie.” — Barney

“Every penis is a girl, Robin. Everyone knows that, like ships and lake monsters.” — Barney

“Four dollars a box and you’re out of thin mints?!” — Robin

“The bees escaped their enclosure. No reason to BE concerned. No there is, we’re in big trouble.” — Mickey

“High school was a tough time for me. That girl was muscular. Muscles like Popeye.” — Ted

“It’s like Sun Tzu said…”Never give up. Never surrender.” — Robin
“That was Tim Allen in Galaxy Quest.” — Ted

“I know you got that cheese on the Internet. Why is that impressive. You know what you can get on the Internet? Zoos animals masturbating. There’s one of a walrus…” — Barney

“I think it’s nice you’re such a badass.” — Ted
“I think you’re a badass cause you’re so nice.” — Robin


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