TV: The Office 8.14 “Special Project” Best Lines

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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The Office 8.14 “Special Project” (***) — Dwight is chosen for a task in Tallahassee and needs to pick some Scranton staffers to come with him. Pam returns from her maternity leave and Daryl tries to find out how Val feels about him.

“You’re allergic to walnuts, right Kevin?” — Pam
“Extremely, but I’m going to fight through it.” — Kevin

“Babies sleep a lot Pam. If you feed them enough.” — Angela

“Brownie, Pam?” — Angela
“Yeah. O my God! It’s really good.” — Pam
“I wouldn’t know. I’m watching my weight.”

“You’re wearing the beanie. Do you like it?” — Val
“Super comfy. It’s like sweatpants for my head.” — Daryl

“Two question marks is kind of aggressive. It’s kind of like wha-WHAT?! Just do one.” — Pam

“Have you ever tried to use a chain with three weak links? I have. And now I no longer have an arctic wolf.” — Dwight

“Sometimes, Batman’s gotta take off his cape.” — Kevin

“Mushi mushi.” — Andy

“I use the word ‘guys’ a lot when I’m nervous, guys.” — Andy

“If anybody is going to Florida, it should be me. Every shirt that I have that isn’t a work shirt is a Tommy Bahama. I’m the only person in this office who watches Burn Notice.” — Stanley

“You have two young people in this office who knows trends, who know youth. That’s myself and Kelly Kapoor. You need one of us there.” — Ryan
“Or both.” — Andy
“Not both. Just one. Me. Or if not me, Kelly. Ideally me.” — Ryan

“Do you shower at night or do you shower in the morning? Cause I want to shower when you shower to save on water.” — Jim

“Think different. From Apple.” — Ryan


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