TV: The Big Bang Theory 5.16 “The Vacation Solution” Best Lines

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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The Big Bang Theory 5.16 “The Vacation Solution” (**) — Sheldon is forced to use his vacation time, so he goes to work with Amy in her neurology lab. Bernadette wants Howard to think about signing a pre-nup.

“A funny Greek letter.” — Sheldon
“Gamma.” — Raj
“I said funny.” — Sheldon
“Oopsilon?” — Raj
“Perfect.” — Sheldon

“Five times the limit of e to the oopsilon as in…:::laughs:::” — Sheldon
“I haven’t seen Sheldon laugh that hard since Leonard made that multiplication error.” — Howard
“He thought he carried the one, but he didn’t! :::laughs:::” — Sheldon

“I heard Afghanistan is nice this time of the year.” — President Siebert
“Sarcasm?” — Sheldon
“No. You should go.” — Howard

“I’m so glad you talked Howard out of having your wedding invitations in Klingon.” — Penny
“Turn it over. I’m hoping my relatives think it’s Hebrew.” — Bernadette

“There’s going to need an extra large veil for somebody’s head.” — Amy

“I don’t want to manipulate him with sex.” — Bernadette
“Honey, that’s what sex is for.” — Penny

“Hawaii is a former leper colony on top of an active volcano where the disappointing ending of Lost was filmed. Maholo for nothing, Hawaii” — Sheldon

“If I ever get married, no Klingon invitations.” — Penny
“Good luck catching a guy with that attitude.” — Leonard

“I’m excited to work with my boyfriend. It’s going to be romantic.” — Amy
“Way to kill the mood.” — Sheldon

“When I first got here, I thought you Americans really gossiped around the water cooler. So I hung out there for a month, but the only  gossip I ever heard was about some creepy guy hanging out by the water cooler.” — Raj

“It takes me a while to keep things going on an unfamiliar toilet.” — Sheldon

“In the field of physics, we work with particles so small, they make fat jokes about the locus coeruleus. I.e…When your locus coeruleus sits around the house, it sits around the house.” — Sheldon

“What you see is a man trembling with confidence.” — Sheldon

“We’re grown men. We drink at bars.” — Howard
“No. And no.” — Penny

“That’s not an apology.” — Amy
“That is your opinion.” — Sheldon

“You’re forgiven. If you want to stay, get started on those beakers. They’re still dirty from yesterday.” — Amy
“Next year, I’m going to Epcot.” — Sheldon

“Even though he’s retired from the police force, he still carries his gun. But don’t worry, he won’t use it. It’s more of a fashion statement.” — Bernadette

“When you talk to him, don’t bring up Jimmy Carter, gardeners, foreign people, homosexuals, Sean Penn, Vatican II, gun control, organic food, the designated hitter rule, recycling, or the fact that you’re Jewish.” — Bernadette

  1. Blah says:

    Disappointing ending of Lost? Sheldon, I thought I could count on you to have a more sophisticated opinion.

  2. mrsubjective says:

    Haha yes! A part of me died when he said that as well.

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