TV: Unsupervised 1.4 “Fires and Liars” Best Lines

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Unsupervised 1.4 “Fires and Liars” (**) — Gary and Joel become inspired to try to support their local fire department by any means necessary, but their misguided determination to aid the professionals leads to them committing their first serious criminal offense.

“It’s not a scarecrow, Russ. It’s just a stupid bum.” — Gary

“We got to get on the Internet more.” — Joel
“I’ve been saying that for years. But we need computers.” — Gary

“I’ve been thinking about wrestling moves to distract myself, but even that isn’t working.” — Joel

“I wish I was older when 9/11 happened. I would’ve cried in front of everyone.” — Joel

“I wasn’t asleep. This is when I watch them pay channels and eat my junk food. Moms think I go to bed at 8 o’clock. But when midnight come around, I pop up like toast.” — Darius

“Watch out for perverts, okay?” — Martin
“We always do.” — Gary

“What the hell? I think you bashed my retina.” — Joel

“They used to be my heroes. I wonder what happened to them.” — Gary
“You want to know what happened to them? I got tits!” — Dino

“Lie till you die, son. I’m gonna live my life.” — Darius

“I don’t get that, but I’m going to get that brisket.” — Darius


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