TV: Up All Night 1.15 “Day After Valentine’s Day” Best Lines

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Up All Night 1.15 “Day After Valentine’s Day” (**1/2) — Raegan and Chris are nostalgic for the days of relationship drama. Meanwhile, Kevin and Ava begin to have their own relationship drama.

“He’s bilingual. Bisexual. And bye-bye shirt.” — Ava

“No manos.” — Raegan

“I feel like I spent the night in the wrong Barcelona disco.” — Raegan

“I’m making a little Mexican dish called chili. It’s got beans in it.” — Maya

“Are you enjoying the meal I prepared for you, or should I go ahead and fuck myself?” — Maya

“Our relationship is like our Chinese food. Tasty, but not too much spice.” — Chris

“I look like a mess.” — Ava
“You look great.” — Raegan
“I know.” — Ava

“We had Pandora playing during the lovemaking and he stopped twice to thumbs down Dylan’s songs.” — Raegan

“I love Ava for her beauty, her clothes, and her fame. That’s three things.” — Julian

“Let’s talk about you. Your TV show, your boobs, your mind.” — Julian

“The Jets suck!” — Reagan
“Rex Ryan is turning them around!” — Chris


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