TV: Cougar Town 3.1 “Ain’t Love Strange” Best Lines

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Cougar Town 3.1 “Ain’t Love Strange” (***) — Jules is upset that Grayson thinks she is predictable.

“Why don’t we think of these necklaces as our on deck circle? That way, we don’t have to get up so much.” — Jules

“None of you are going to have a girlfriend unless you cut your hair and take a shower. That’s not true. When I was younger, I was crazy about dirty long hairs.” — Jules

“So you’re only be mad at me?” — Grayson
“I am.” — Jules
“Yayyyyyy.” — Ellie & Laurie

“It’s a two-bedroom house, but it’s super cheap because nine guys live here. I don’t even know their names.” — Travis

“I used to get really embarassed when I sneezed in public. Now, I just put a happy noise at the end you know, to own it!” — Jules

“When it comes to love, I’m a street rappin’ poet, yo.” — Jules

“We’re not afraid of Stan.” — Andy
“Then why are you whispering.” — Laurie
“It’s sexy.” — Ellie
“It’s sexy.” — Andy

“Get ready for Operation Revengeance.” — Jules
“Not a word.” — Ellie
“Stop being so precisional.” — Jules

“You’re so predictable. Just when I thought you were going to zig, you zig.” — Grayson

“You know, you’d be less mad. Just by getting naked. Right here.” — Grayson

“Once the mouth guard is in, this store is closed.” Jules
“One day, I will sleep with you after you put that vile thing in your mouth. It’s my Everest.” — Grayson

“It’s like you’re saying I’m boring.” — Jules
“And I like boring. That was not the right thing to say.” — Grayson

“You can’t come. It’s just the two of us.” — Tom

“Prison is great! You can get one of those neat teardrop tattoos.” — Jules


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