TV: Happy Endings 2.14 “Everybody Loves Grant” Best Lines

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Happy Endings 2.14 “Everybody Loves Grant” (***1/2) — Max wonders if he is good enough for his boyfriend, Grant.

“Bow chica wow wow.” — Dave
“Really? Nothing?” — Dave
“Pretty sexy fist bump though.” — Brad
“Bow chica wow wow.” — Brad/Alex/Jane/Penny
“I hate you guys.” — Dave

“Why did you let me out of this house looking this fat?” — Max
“We didn’t really have a choice.” — Penny
“It’s your body.” — Brad

“The Ericsons always want to talk about their stupid kid.” — Jane
“Yeah. It’s like, we get it. You made a mistake and then named it Todd.” — Brad

“Space isn’t even the frontier.” — Max
“It’s true. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of what caves have to offer.” — Grant
“Thank you! God, you’re perfect!” — Max
“Come on Max. Nobody’s perfect.” — Grant
“Shh. Save it for them. I don’t care.” — Max

“I can’t help it. I like to hear the sound of bones crunching. I feel like a god. I can destroy life.” — Alex

“If I’m not the cool one, who am I?” — Dave
“You’re Dave, our Dave.” — Jane
“Like Dave from the Dave Matthews Band.” — Penny

“Living for today goes against all my instincts. But then in the checkout line today, I impulse bought these batteries. WHAT?!” — Jane

“Why is he still wearing a shirt?” — Alex
“Because people wear shirts.” — Dave

“Kiss on the cheek. Could’ve got some tongue, brah!” — Brad

“O. M. YES.” — Brad

“Maybe sometimes, the boyfriend isn’t the coolest guy around. Maybe the coolest guy around is lounging on the couch right in front of you.” — Dave
“The guy in the scarf telling me to ‘chillax’?” — Max

“It’s starting to get cray!” — Max

“She has some great stories.” — Grant
“My husband’s dead.” — Eden
“That was her best story.” — Max

“I though Michael Caine was perfect until I met Grant.” — Brad

“Most people would be psyched to find the perfect guy. I’d be psyched to find a guy who doesn’t flip his underwear inside out and say ‘good as new, baby.'” — Alex

“I know I may look tough on the outside.” — Max
“Not really.” — Alex
“But I’m really fragile on the inside.” — Max
“A little on the outside too.” — Alex

“You’re smarter than you are tall. Good day, tiny madam.” — Max

“I’m trying to be everything to everyone and now, I’ve got this Sean guy to worry about. Who is he?” — Grant
“A pharmacist.” — Everyone
“I’m a teacher.” — Sean
“What?” — Penny

“Grant, listen. It’s tough being the cool guy in the group.” — Dave
“Dave, this is Grant’s moment.” — Jane


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