TV: Up All Night 1.16 “Travel Day” Best Lines

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Up All Night 1.16 “Travel Day” (**1/2) — Reagan and Chris take their first trip with Amy and are overwhelmed. The “m word” comes into play between Ava and Kevin.

“I can marry people, bury people, grant wishes.” — Ava
“Honey, you’re not a genie.” — Reagan

“Don’t you mean it’s breasty? — Reagan
“Very breasty. Oh, you mean in a bad way.” — Ava

“Don’t they make a little carrier thing for babies like they do for pomeranians. That way you can just stow her.” — Ava

“No! N-O on the coin slot.” — Reagan

“Boy. That’s a flaccid backdoor brag.” — Reagan

“Sharon. The seats you were going to give to Bono or the Wolf Blitzer, wbhy don’t you put your fingertips on that keyboard and clickety clackity clickety clackity.” — Reagan

“Wedding bells? Chill out, bitch!” — Ava

“It’s my baby, she needs to be changed. You thought my wife cut one, huh?” — Chris

“It’s just a little baby poop. It’s like some man-sized doo bomb.” — Reagan
“Babe, you can’t say bomb.” — Chris

“Be out soon. Just doing number 1.” — Ava

“In my mind, it was never. Not never, ever, ever, ever.” — Ava

“I got a ticking time bomb over here.” — Reagan (at the airport)

“When things don’t go exactly according to her plans, it’s like boom! Oh god…you have beautiful nails.” — Chris (at the airport)

“I don’t want to get laboratory on my good boots.” — Reagan

“I wonder if they’ll do the uncensored version of the song.” — Reagan
“Take that beep off.” — Ava


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