TV: How I Met Your Mother 7.17 “No Pressure” Best Lines

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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How I Met Your Mother 7.17 “No Pressure” (***1/2) — Ted and Robin deal with the aftermath of Ted’s confession. Meanwhile, Barney searches for a sex tape in Marshall and Lily’s apartment. Comedically, I’m not sure HIMYM is ever really that funny anymore. But as a heart tug in the tear jerky sort of way, some of these episodes are pure gold.

“I know this is a lot to process. So, no pressure here. Just, what do you think? You know what? You’re exhausted. It’s late. Let’s just go to sleep. Good night.” — Ted

“I go camping in secret.” — Ted

“Ted really needs to work on his boundaries.” — Lily
“Guys seriously.” — Barney
“Why are you in our bed?” — Lily

“A platonic friend thing? Let me ask you something. Would you do that for me? You probably would’ve. You’re such a good friend.” — Marshall

“While I’m gone, don’t go snooping around in our stuff. I know you think we have a sex tape hidden somewhere. So I’ll save you the trouble. We don’t. Goodbye.” — Lily
“:::Muffled::: We have a sex tape somewhere. :::Muffled:::” — Lily according to Barney

“Barney hits on your everyday.” — Ted
“He just wants to bang me. I want something real.” — Lily

“Make the in no way creepy grand romantic gesture that we all know Robin loves. Aww.” — Lily

“Making money off this bet makes me feel…” — Marshall
“More alive than you’ve felt in years?” — Lily
“Yea!!!” — Marshall
“New hobby!” — Lily

“Ted and Stella are getting engaged. Pay up.” — Lily
“Not yet.” — Marshall
“We are driving to the wedding. Pay up.” — Lily
“Not yet.” — Marshall
“We are  at the wedding. Pay up.” — Lily
“Not yet.” — Marshall
“Dammit.” — Lily

“Barney, you’ve really grown up, you know that?” — Ted
“Thanks. Now let’s watch our two best friends have sex on tape.” — Barney
“I’ll make popcorn.” — Ted

“Do you really want to hear me say…” :::goat noise::: — Marshall

“Barney, that was my VCR.” — Ted
“Ted. It was a VCR.” — Barney

“When a door closes, well…you know the rest.” — Barney


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