TV: New Girl 1.14 “Bully” Best Lines

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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New Girl 1.14 “Bully” (***1/2) — Jess tries to confront a classroom bully, but finds herself as the target. Nick is in some rocky territory with Julia. And Cece tries to hide Schmidt from the public.

“L’chaim! To humping!” — Schmidt

“Did you feel me sweeping you along with the current of my body? You were like a canoe on my body river.” — Schmidt

“I wish there was a word for complete satisfaction and complete self-loathing.” — Cece

“I’ve never seen a woman bite her own shoulder before.” — Schmidt

“I’m like your black tar heroin. You just need that sweet taste in your veins.” — Schmidt

“Did you have a sexual guest?” — Jess

“Damn Schmidt. In our bed? Where we shave each other? I’ve always loved you. You’re my boo” — Winston

“You’re going to three-peat this ho?” — Jess

“I want to banter with you guys in the morning. I panicked and made a Hitler joke.” — Jess

“They put pennies in my butt crack. I made 46 cents.” — Nathaniel

“Did you get my junk mail?” — Schmidt

“I delivered a lesson, in the key of learning. Learning minor.” — Jess

“I like to improvise with my body. I’m like a sexual snowflake.” — Schmidt

“Is there a Starbucks bathroom around here I could use?” — Cece
“What do I look like? A gypsy courtesan?” — Schmidt

“I’m going to find this kid and I’m going to open up a dialog.” — Jess

“Why do we care about a crescent moon?” — Jess
“I don’t know. i’m going to live up there someday.” — Winston

“You put me in the desert, I’d grow some needles too.” — Nick

“FYI. I’m not high right now.” — Nick

“I love you WHAT did I just…” — Nick

“Who do I speak to re: getting something removed from the Internet? Fine. I’ll hold.” — Jess

“Plants freak me out. I’m much better with babies.” — Nick

“Hey, man. I’m going to the beach to watch the sun go down because I love sunsets. Did you know that about me?” — Nick

“Julia dumped me so…sad face. Ha!” — Nick

“You’re a real teacher now. You’re a kid hater. You’re one of us.” — Tanya

“We’re weirdos. But that’s who we are. And that’s fine. And you have a giant cactus needle sticking out of your face.” — Jess


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