TV: Happy Endings 2.15 “The Butterfly Effect Effect” Best Lines

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Happy Endings 2.15 “The Butterfly Effect Effect” (**1/2) — The friends wait in anticipation for Brad and Jane’s yearly blowout of a domestic squabble, dubbed the “spring smackdown,” to let them know when winter has finally come to an end and when Max will come out of hibernation.

“My skin is so dry, it has a British accent. May I have some more, please? Lotion.” — Penny

“It’s like our Groundhog Day if the groundhog was one part blonde overachiever with control issues and fondness for formal shorts and one part Brad.” — Penny

“Your drunken chipmunk impression is hilarious.” — Penny
“Thanks. It’s just a variation of my Renee Zellwegger.” — Alex

“In what world is she the together one? She polishes her fax machine.” — Alex

“He’s not actually a bear.” — Alex
“In his defense, he does eat honey like that year-round.” — Dave

“It could just  be like The Butterfly Effect. One little movie that led to Ashton Kutchers doing a lot of bad movies.” — Alex

:::Brad and Jane’s “fight”:::

“It’s time to stop waiting and to start exhaling.” — Penny

“Let’s just rage chill instead. Rage catch up with Downtown Abbey.” — Brad

“She really marches to the beat of her own very slow, slow drummer.” — Penny

“We’re like Don King. Except instead of Thrilla in Manila, it’s Thrilla in Vanilla.” — Brad

“Sorry that like Robin Williams, my enthusiasm is infectious.” — Brad

“Your hair looked better long.” — Jane
“No you didn’t!” — Brad
“Yes I didn’t did.” — Jane

“Leaving the door open is worse than secretly corresponding with your ex-girlfriend who is yoga pants model and lists her favorite hobbies as breathing her nose and competitive swallowing? Sorry, I’m friends with her on Facebook. She has the funniest updates.” — Penny


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