TV: Cougar Town 3.3 “Lover’s Touch” Best Lines

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Cougar Town 3.3 “Lover’s Touch” (**) — Jules is deep into wedding planning mode until Travis is in an accident.

“We should just eat caveman style. No dishes to clean.” — Travis
“Get the shades.” — Jules

“I would totally date a guy with no feet. It would just be one less gross thing for me to deal with.” — Laurie

“Ellie, I saw Andy’s feet. I’m so sorry.” — Laurie
“No one understands.” — Ellie

“We’re going to go crazy on our wedding night, won’t we?” — Grayson
“Oh yeah. Maybe. I get really tired at weddings.” — Jules

“Hey Tom. It’s sweet you came, but why don’t you leave the medical stuff to the doctors?” — Ellie
“I am a doctor. I’m the head neurosurgeon here. Come on, you didn’t know I was a doctor?” — Tom

“Back in college, I was a sucker for an injury. If a guy had a scar or a missing finger, it just did stuff. I miss being a ho.” — Ellie
“You want back in? Cause we’ll take you back.” — Laurie

“It doesn’t seem like you’ve been paying a lot of attention to me lately.” — Grayson
“Sweetie, let me turn down the volume of my son’s heart monitor so I can focus on you better.” — Jules

“That’s just stupid. That’s like saying all blondes are dumb.” — Laurie
“But that’s…” — Ellie
“Shh. Same team.” — Laurie

“Okay, you realize I can’t un-see that, right?” — Travis

“I don’t even have kids.” — Laurie
“You probably do. One could’ve dropped out while you were shanking around town.” — Ellie

“You want a kiss?” — Jules
“Oh yeah! Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t care.” — Grayson

“Why do older women keep doing that to me?” — Travis

“Rest in peace!” — Travis
“I’m so excited to die.” — Jules

“As soon as you give your heart from someone, they just pull away. It’s like I learned nothing from Katherine Heigl movies.” — Grayson

“T. Gazillion? Who the hell is that?” — Jules


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