TV: Unsupervised 1.7 “The Magic of Science” Best Lines

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Unsupervised 1.7 “The Magic of Science” (**) — Gary and Joel do everything they can in order to win the school’s science fair.

“We got to keep our eyes open. We got to see the notes.” — Gary
“I get too into music.” — Joel
“It’s too freaking passionate.” — Gary

“Frozen gourmet meals. No way! It’s going to be like a freaking resort vacation.” — Joel

“Let’s talk about endocytosis. That’s when things get pretty exciting.” — Ms. Petters

“All we learn in this class are equations and letters of the scientific alphabet.” — Gary
“You mean the periodic table?” — Ms. Petters

“I don’t want to know that water and air is made of letters. I just want to swim in the ocean, fly in the sky.” — Joel

“You want to go to the doctor together?” — Danielle
“I want to not get cervical cancer.” — Megan

“She demands excellence.” — Darius
“She’s like freaking Oprah Harpo Winfrey.” — Joel
“You know Oprah be hollering at Gale when the cameras be off, right?” — Darius

“We freaking suck dick in science.” — Gary

“Even though science ruins cool stuff by explaining it, it creates cool stuff too.” — Joel

“You’ll be like ‘Yo dog, lean me dog’ and I’ll just toss in a Lean meal, nuke it right on my back.” — Joel
“What you’re describing sounds like a chemotherapy machine.” — Ms. Petters

“Come on, Petters. Buck up. I’ve got people saying my crotch got lit on fire.” — Megan

“I think we’re supposed to have posters and data and stuff.” — Gary
“Data is for pussies.” — Bruce

“Can’t you die and shit?” — Gary
“Either way, I’m going to get stabbed by my brother. I’m dead either way.” — Russ

“You can’t stand up to Oprah. I’m going to be like Stedman. Laying back in the cut and getting paid, man.” — Darius

“There’s some Harry Potter shit going on right now.” — Darius


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