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There are more people talking about Terra Nova’s cancellation than there were people who talked about that show on FOX Terra Nova. And that is precisely why it got cancelled. (Hollywood Reporter)

Angelina Jolie turns down the current script for Salt 2 and tells the writer to go back to the drawing board because she only does Oscar-winning material like The Tourist (Movie Hole)

Kiefer Sutherland grows increasingly frustrated with 24: The Movie, as timing between the film and his TV show Touch isn’t working out. Jack Bauer, frustrated? I can’t imagine it. (24Spoilers)

In what may be the greatest talent wasted of our generation, Veronica Mars starlet Kristen Bell attempts to salvage her career with a film starring Adam Brody. Guess not. (Hollywood Reporter)

Some new shots of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. This will be very much like the actual film, since Snyder will film everything in frame-by-frame slow motion anyway. (Daily Blam)

Keanu Reeves confirms Bill and Ted 3 is starting to gear up and the script is “actually good.” Finally, the worthy Matrix sequel we’ve all been waiting for (Movie Fone)

Pajiba ranks the 10 most generic films of our decade. Not surprisingly, they are the same top 10 films listed by the girl you’re dating this week. (Pajiba)


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