TV: Happy Endings 2.17 “The Kerkovich Way” Best Lines

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Happy Endings 2.17 “The Kerkovich Way” (**) — Alex tries to convince Dave that something he’s certain happened never never did. Max and Penny try to win a scavenger hunt.

“What if she’s pregnant? Would we raise the baby together? Would we raise the baby as a group? Group baby? Is that a thing” — Dave
“Hey man, take a knee.” — Brad

“When I went out with that male nurse, I found out I still have a soft spot for dating gay guys. And an actual soft spot. My plates never grew together.” — Penny

I did not push that guy out of the way cause he was French. I pushed that guy out of the way because he was moving slow like the damn French.” — Jane

“There were 11 more donuts in that box. Why didn’t I just move on?” — Penny

“There is no such thing as the John Hughes museum.” — Max
“Okay, Max. So I guess I just went to my softball coach’s basement everyday for three summers to watch movies and o my god!” — Penny

“I’m much quicker with my mouth than with my hands. That’s why I can speak so much faster than do sign language.” — Max

“Remember, you made me go to the video store to get the video because you couldn’t wait for Netflix. You said you were you were Jones-ing for some Streep.” — Jane
“That is something I would Jones for.” — Brad

“What if that reality kept going and there’s another Alex living there. Whatever. I bet she can’t krump like I can.” — Alex

“Do you do this to him often?” — Alex
“Let’s just say he’s one MRI away from a free MRI.” — Jane

“Year has been over for a few months now, Penny.” — Max
“Not the fiscal year. Suck it, taxpayers!” — Penny

“You named your sweatpants Karen?” — Dave
“I name what I name, man.” — Brad

“You’re slow just like your baby. O my god. I didn’t mean that. I just meant that your baby is late. But I think your baby is going to be super fast and awesome. No. No! My time to shine!” — Penny

“Well, you lose some, you lose some, right?” — Max

“We are not going out like this. Me crying about Grant. You crying about…whatever. I wasn’t listening.” — Max

“I wasn’t ready to open that rabbit hole.” — Alex
“Go down that rabbit hole.” — Dave
“Ugh. Dave. Clean it up.” — Alex


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