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Wes Anderson is weird. Really freaking weird. But the sexy kind of weird in high school, the kind you wish you were alternative to understand and connect with in supreme hipster, indie levels. Here’s the newest poster for his upcoming film Moonrise Kingdom to depict the kind of weird I’m talking about. (Indie Wire)

Here’s a riddle. Where do you put an almost extinct TV show that features extinct creatures? Clearly — on the plummeting, nearly extinct video service. Terra Nova, meet your bride…Netflix. (Entertainment Weekly)

There’s a lot of studio hype regarding Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus. But it’s not really hype until Ridley says it’s hype. He’s officially jumping in on the hype when he introduces the new trailer on March 17. (Latino Review)

Johnny Depp is looking weird again. But Tim Burton isn’t involved? New picture from The Long Ranger (Wall Street Journal)

You know what’s more disappointing than sequels? Sequels of fake parties with no plotline. (Hollywood Reporter)


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