TV: Unsupervised 1.8 “My Brother Brian” Best Legs

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Unsupervised 1.8 “My Brother Brian” (**) — Joel’s 40-year-old brother, Brian, moves back into Joel’s bedroom and Joel strives to be more tolerant of him despite Brian’s contemptible behavior.

“Honky! Gook! Kike! Chocolate monster!” — Audrey
“What the shit?!” — Darius

“No she didn’t. ‘I have a dream’. She didn’t!” — Darius

“Look at me! I’m a lesbian. Who wants to see my vagina?” — Russ

“If Martin Luther King were here right now, he’d spit in our face.” — Gary

“I know black culture isn’t tolerant of gays. I dated a mulatto once.” — Principal Stark

“Say what you will about the blacks. They keep it out of the courts.” — Principal Stark

“I don’t want to be in bed when his banging starts. That’s not homophobia. That’s just sanitation.” — Joel

“I have a tolerance question. Do lesbians put stuff into their butts?” — Russ

“My first kiss was with a gorilla at a petting zoo. And he freaking whispered in my ear.” — Russ

“That dick is gnarly has hell!” — Joel

“Suck. Money. Meth. Suck. Money. Meth.” — Brian

“Yo, I got to pick up my kid from T-ball. You going to suck me off or what?” — Random guy in parking lot

“He look like Bill Gates.” — Darius
“Yeah. He got the looks of the family.” — Joel

“Look at him. He’s different from us. He’s a Chinese computer. Everyone laugh!” — Russ


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