TV: Modern Family 3.18 “Send Out the Clowns” Best Lines

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Modern Family 3.18 “Send Out the Clowns” (***1/2) — Cameron is reunited with his ex-clown partner. Phil is trumped by another agent.

“You said it was only for teenagers and people looking to have affairs.” — Alex
“You know. I figured if you can’t fight it…not the having the affairs.” — Claire

“Social networking or social not working?” — Luke

“I made one giant Oreo!” — Luke
“Luke, what are you doing? You’ve got to eat it like an ear of corn.” — Phil

“Why do you think Fonzi was so popular?” — Jay
“He told people that they were rich, but really took their money with his scheme?” — Gloria

“We call her the Nightmare on Elm Street because she sold a lot of houses on Elm Street.” — Phil

“For several years, I was one half of the renowned clown duo Fizbo and Lewis. We were huge.” — Cam
“In children’s parties.” — Mitchell

“It’s like I broke up the Beatles.” — Cam
“Of children’s parties.” — Mitchell

“Five days! Are you cereal?” — Cam

“You just don’t want to be my friends. Great, I can see my next status update. My daughters are monsters.” — Claire

“Wby don’t you play dirty too? You can take her down.” — Luke
“Honey, your daddy is a better man that that. He has values, morals…” — Claire
“Shh. You, keep talking.” — Phil

“How are you?” — Gloria
:::Griffin staring at Gloria’s chest:::
“Ohh…13. I’m fine.” — Griffin

“Lewis and Fizbo, back together again. They said it would never happen again.” — Lewis
“Said. Hoped.” — Mitchell

“A real man would’ve just poisoned the soup.” — Mitzi

“When you thought he was trying to ride your motorcycle, you thought it was okay.” — Gloria
“Maybe now I don’t like what he’s trying to ride.” — Jay

“Your kid forgot his cereal. There’s a surprise in every box. Spoiler. It’s diabetes.” — Mitzi

“They key is you find that goodness deep within them. Twist it and turn it to your advantage.” — Phil

“Dad, please. I could fake cry before I could walk. How do you think I got out of all those salads?” — Luke

“What’s the trick to the fake tears?” — Phil
“The Three Stooges are all dead.” — Luke

“Some guy from your college tagged you in a picture.” — Haley
“What is tagging? WHAT IS TAGGING!” — Claire

“Tear down the wall.” — Claire

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