TV: How I Met Your Mother 7:19 “The Broath” Best Lines

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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How I Met Your Mother 7:19 “The Broath” (***) — The gang tries to split up Barney and Quinn after they hear about plans of them moving in together. Ted and Robin fight over who gets to sublet the apartment.

“Put on your brobe.” — Barney
“”Yeah. I’m not putting on the brobe.” — Ted
” Ted? Just…just…okay?” — Barney

“Baby, you’re like 20 slutty chicks all rolled up into one.” — Marshall
“Sweet talk is not going to change my mind.” — Lily

“Hey, let’s play a game! Craziest sex in public story. I’ll start.” — Marshall

“What do you care about more — protecting your friend from getting hurt or scoring this girl’s apartment?” — Lily
“There’s a working fireplace!” — Ted
“Patrice is ironing my pants all wrong!” — Robin

“Don’t say that whore’s name in front of our baby.” — Lily

“And they he banged a hundred chicks and invented a salad. True story.” — Barney

“Fine I’ll fill her in and I’m so angry. I’m not even going to make a joke about filling her in, which I did three times last night. Self five!” — Barney

“That was intense.” — Lily
“Ahem…” — Marshall, hoping for Quinntense

“I promise not to interfere with his personal life again unless it’s an issue of health, national security, or he’s about to get up on a fatty.” — Barney asks friends to repeat vow

“And now the gentlemen….and now the gentlemen.” — Barney
:::Marshall and Ted kiss:::
“I was going to say ‘and now the gentlemen bump fists.’ How long you two been holding back that one?” — Barney

“It’s going to be legend…I’m not waiting for it anymore!” — Barney

“If you ever wanted to hang up the old G-string, I’d understand.” — Barney

“My kids are going to love my stories. They’re going to love my stories!” — Ted

  1. david says:

    ted was the one saying his kids will love his stories not barney

  2. mrsubjective says:

    Good catch. Fixed.

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