TV: 30 Rock 6.14 “Kidnapped by Danger” Best Lines

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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30 Rock 6.14 “Kidnapped by Danger” (***) — Liz writes a scripted version of Jack and Avery’s love story for a TV movie.

“PRIDE. Make every room a bathroom.” — Jack

“If you get this right, gay men will be dressing up like Avery for the enxt 20 years.” — Jack

“I’m going to be Mitt Rom-Mummy. I call it. You can’t have it.” — Liz

“Weird Al Yankovic paraodied your song like Michael Jackon’s “Eat It” or Adele’s “Someone Likes Food.” — Frank

“It’s a great honor like when they want to see your boobs at Mardi Gras.” — Liz
“It’s nothing like that!” — Jenna

“My father wore this to his high school prom. The theme was Enchantment under the Jim Crow Laws.” — Kenneth

“I work in the sound department. Those guys are (dubbed “beautiful geniuses) holes.” — Kenneth

“Am I going too far with the accent?” — Cynthia Nixon
“No. That’s how Boston people sound to me.” — Liz

“I turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than occasions…out of five.” — Jenna

“I’ll make coffee. You also make coffee. After the coffee contest, we’ll start working.” — Tracy

“I’m glad to see the end game of feminism is women dressing like Dennis the Menace at work.” — Diana to Liz

“Of course I would love to have you. I mean as a guest, not under a waterfall.” — Jack

“All my life, I’ve been the third wheel to people having sex.” — Liz

“Are you a time traveller? Because I don’t know how my mother-in-law could be younger than my wife.” — Lance
“Was that supposed to be me saying that? Because I would never use that much math in complimenting a woman. Their brains can’t handle it.” — Jack

“I wouldn’t mind giving him the old skin flute.” — Liz

“Hope. More like nope.” — Lance

“Prius is the Latin word for impotence.” — Lance

“Sometimes to prevent monkey business, we must create it. The blocker!” — Liz

“I’ve never been kissed like that, Jack.” — Subhas playing Avery

“No matter what happens, you always keep your chin up.” — Jack
“Medically, it’s a neck ridge.” — Kenneth

“I refuse to buy larger underwear and it looks like when you tie a string around a roast.” — Liz

“When this movie airs, can my name be the first one that airs at the end?” — Liz
“This is a group process, Liz. Don’t be an egomaniac.” — Jack
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